Saturday, March 12, 2011

2 words to some people

Most people spend their entire life listening to people tell them how much they owe them.
The truth is you don’t owe the vast majority of people shit.
Growing up we are taught to listen to the end what people say and to respect their time-wasting twaddle, but in fact you shouldn't give a fuck at all. It's not ignorance - it's a common sense.
Spread my philosophy or not - I don't give a fuck :]


  1. nie do konca bunt, bo bunt kojarzy sie z walka a ja glupote wole omijac (ignorowac) niz z nia walczyc - jak z wiatrakami

  2. Najpiękniejsza filozofia na świecie. Popieram. Sprawdzone w praktyce.

  3. A note looks like made after some argument with parents. Except that, you are right, some people have an innate trait to dispose others, without asking them about their own opinions. Then all your successes assign their ‘aid’. And what is the worst- that they expect something in return or your obedience. In their eyes we aren’t self- reliant and immature. The truth is that they are annoying but thanks to them we have a different point of view and strengthen own opinions.