Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[psychology] Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.E.R.

How many times you've set your goals you later never really achieved? I bet everyone did experience that. There is no doubt that planning increases people effectiveness in various life fields, but only a smart plan can keep you on the track when your initial enthusiasm declines.

There is a simple and catchy rules set called S.M.A.R.T.E.R. which can help turn your day-dreams and fancies into attainable goals.

It tells you your goal should be:

Specific - defined in a simple way, eg:
I want to be rich
I want to have 1 million dollars

Measurable - eg:
I want to be more fit, therefore I will measure my progress in my body weight, running scores, etc.

Attainable - easy enough to be possible, yet difficult enough to stand as a challenge

Relevant - is your goal important for you? stop here to make sure if your goal is something more than just a transitional fancy.

Time-bound - deadlines prevent you from endless postponing your efforts

Exciting - similar to rules Attainable and Relevant, but not exactly. your goal might be difficult and challenging, but is it an exciting challenge to you?

Recorded - it is proved that committing to paper your thoughts lengthens their life-time

additional hints

It is also important how you formulate your goals.
They should be personal, in 1st person, in present tense, with a positive sound. eg:
Stop eating junk food
I eat healthy food

2 crucial questions to ask yourself:
why I want this? - think of as many reasons as possible, then write them down, keep them and read in 'hard times'
how exactly I'm going to achieve it? - make a specific plan for your goal

Consult your goals with a few people if it may help you. Later, their feedback would be valuable.

Check your progress regularly (that's why Measurable rule is so important).

Divide your 1 big goal into smaller milestones.


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