Sunday, October 31, 2010

[book] "Flow" by M.Cikszentmihalyi part.1

Generally, I'm bored with books about happiness, success, improving your life, etc. However, believe me or not, I find 'Flow' unique and even better than the famous 'Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. Difference starts with the authors. Rhonda is a television writer and producer, Mihalyi is a psychologist who sacrificed 20 years of his life for learning about emotional state known as Flow.

Next thing what differs this book from other of its type is that it's filled with results of scientific investigations, so there are more nitty-gritties instead of motivating babbling.

While being in Flow we feel the greatest happiness. Signs of it may seem quite obvious:
- we are immersed in one activity and we want to continue it
- we feel strong and that we have a control of the situation
- we are free from doubts, complexes and emotional problems
- we make the most of our possibilities and skills
- we completely forget about time flowing away
- we feel great, interesting fact is that especially even if the situation may seem critical, like a storm on the sea

Book carries a bunch of interesting, sometimes philosophical, thoughts and gives us useful hints of how to control state Flow instead of relying on coincidence.

Already at the beginning, in the introduction, first hint of how to achieve this state is given:
by setting goals - tackling challenges which are adequate to our skills (look: photo)

Later we discover few things about mind, conscience, psychical energy.

To be continued.

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