Monday, August 30, 2010

[film] T is for Twilight and trivial

I am supposed to say that it's amazing how such a trivial crap like Twilight Saga can achieve such a popularity. But I won't. Why? It's actually quite easy to see and understand why Twilight is so adored by people *and especially* by teenage girls. Probably you'd automatically think 'Edward' as a response at first. Yeah, but I'd get to him later. First, look at the main character - Bella. She is a true symbol of nowadays teenage girls, the target of the Twilight products. Beginning from the appearance. They couldn't choose a prettier actress for her role because not every girl could equate to her then.
Also, she's feeling (as she personally claims) lost and that her life is going nowhere (emo promoting action?). But then (!) she founds her romantic dark prince, reserved, mysterious, powerful and caring, with a look of a dog's dick, as we used to describe such fellows in high school :d
Thus, what girl wouldn't like to experience this? And be treated trough the whole story as an emo princess?

Another fail is Jacob(s). I couldn't believe the creators were so dumb (or target-greedy) to make him so needy and naive (unfortunetely, not only him). My ears were hurt while listening to his dialogs. At least, he didn't look like a dog's dick.

Apart from that, the plot is damn predictable. While watching, I've used to catch myself on guessing what is going to happen in next few minutes.

But the greatest Twilight's sin I can't forgive is boredome, complete lack of action. Even the main battle turned out to be a poor show, despite my expectations.

So, to me
Underworld 1000% > Twilight

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  1. pomijając ogólną chujowość Twilightu, cokolwiek byś nie twierdził, aktor grający Edwarda i tak jest przystojniakiem :D