Monday, August 30, 2010

[Gothic 3] Resisted 40 min.

Getting straight to the point: Gothic 3 is a fail. Constantly I've had a feeling that it's rather a product, than a game (in a meaning of art). Product that should attract with the mark and his sparkly packet - the graphics. By the way, 3rd's graphics doesn't even look 'gothic', reminds me of kinda WoW or other shitty mainstream RPGs - they're too damn shiny. But still, it isn't worst about it. These graphics (probably not only them, but mainly them) turn the gameplay to a turtle pace. Gothic 3 was released in 2006, I've got my PC 3 years later - and it still doesn't handles the game smoothly (!). And why I'm having this feeling that is intentional somehow? Look on the nVidia advertisements at the beginning of the installation and you'll get what I mean. We know that games propel graphic cards industry but what they are doing here is a real insolence.

I believe I can fly...

Deeper into the game, firstly I've noticed the controls have changed a bit. Some have other keys (for whose sake?) and there are few new like quick save&load (in 2 setting them was available only in .ini file). It's a good thing, but look at the potion keys. Haven't they wrote in 2's .ini file they believe that potion keys suck? Hypocrisy?

No, unfortunetely, it isn't Morrowind

The game is silting just from the beginning and the next thing you comment "wtf?" are the new orcs you are fighting with (they are in intro too actually). In 2 I used to really have a fear of orcs - in 3 they look like grotesque humanoid wimps. They also speak like people >.> for me: complete old climate destruction. Even their weapons have changed, looking similar to those wielded by lizard men. At least, I have a good motivation to get rid of them fast. However, it wasn't that easy. No-named brandished his Orc Slayer like a phlegmatic (what was intensified by the slowing game) and got knocked down several times. Boy, wasn't this battle annoying.

Are there are any 'unwilded' boars in Myrtana?

Later, I've talked to some fellow about Xardas - the main hero spoke completely without emotions o.o I've talked to my old buddies - not even they didn't sound like them, they didn't even looked like them (hopefully, there's a mod for it). I've passed through the battlefield collecting the loot to the accompaniment of completely unsuitable pastoral soundtrack. In one orc's body I've found 185 gold pieces - I don't really like when gold in the game goes to such high numbers, it's an another thing spoiling the climate. I've wandered negligently through the world a while (sprint = new good feature), annoyed by slowing gameplay and poisonous bloodflies - I found it funny to challenge them after beating 6 dragons in 2. Have our hero forgot how to fight, or is it evolution to blame? I've decided to change the graphics from high to average (heh, before launching the game I believed I could play on very high) and I've learned I need to restart the game for that. No. That was enough for me.


  1. the main hero spoke completely without emotions
    Bezimienny bez emocji, a to nowość XD
    Sam w trójkę nie grałem więc nie wiem jaka jest, ale potwierdzasz inne opinie ;P
    Jedyna gra w jaką w najbliższym czasie zamierzam grać z cyfrą 3 to Fallout 3, ot co :D

  2. Czasami gadał z emocjami, nie był może wulkanem ekspresji, ale jakaś różnica była widoczna.
    Tutaj, dowiaduje się na początku że Xardas wysyła orków i kontynuuje rozmowę jakby w ogóle go to nie zdziwiło.

    Ja mam jeszcze jakieś 15 gier, które chciałem obczaić, na czele z Tormentem, Arcanum, Two Worlds i NWN2.

  3. Fallouta lepiej skończ, lalusiu ;P