Saturday, August 28, 2010

[life] Play D&D and end as a pick-up artist

PUA? NLP? AFC? Sarge? Neg? Peackock? Sounds familiar? Not?

Mystery (founder of pick-up artists community) claims that he was a "late bloomer" and spent the early years of his life playing Dungeons and Dragons, and that his limited success with women until his early twenties led him to go to nightclubs every night and try different ways to attract women. He states that years of observation and trial and error led to the system he teaches for meeting women.

Together with Neil Strauss he founded Project Hollywood, where they lived and taught armies of unsuccessful men how to pick up women (in a big shortening). You can read all about it in Neil's book The Game, which is rather an autobiography, but is probably a most popular position connected with PUA, including their whole specific terminology and advices.

Most of them are based on being:
> self-confident, dominating (but not rude)
> organized
> unavailable
> unpredictable
> not being nice to women, instead:
a bit arrogant + with a dose of mocking humour

They believed that these traits make men significantly more attractive to women (without need of being specially handsome) and... hell, they did. However, The Game tells also about the darkside of PUA, the threat of getting too attached to these rules and PUA community which turned some men to social robots. Or... even worse as you may discover in the book on your own.

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