Saturday, August 28, 2010

[psychology] builder, negiotator, explorer, director - who are you?

I've just finished Why Him, Why Her by Helen Fisher

> born 1945 
> anthropology professor, human behavior researcher at Rutgers University, studied romantic interpersonal attraction for over 30 years
> currently the most referenced scholar in the love research community

More than with parts about love, my attention was attracted with her view of personality types division.

Fisher distinguishes between four personality types each of which she associates with a body chemical :
> explorer (artistic, Artisan temperament) - dopamine (associated with curiosity and spontaneity) 
> negotiator (intuitive, Idealist) - estrogen (intuition and creativity) 
> director (reasoning, Rational) - testosterone (independence and rational thinking) 
> builder (sensible, Guardian) - serotonin (sociability and feelings of calm)

Without taking a test I can undoubtedly admit that I am an almost 100% director (I was thinking a while about explorer too, but this is probably because I am jealous of explorers' traits ;).

More here.


  1. Wróciły wpisy na blogu, fuck yeah!

  2. ano, mam nadzieje, ze to nie chwilowy zapal.
    ale napisalbys chociaz jakim typem jestes. biorac pod uwage sklonnosc do % obstawiam explorera ;-)

  3. ale oni chcą ode mnie za dużo informacji! Zip-postal code! XD

  4. Trochę sztuczny ten podział. Z każdego typu się ma jakąś część, w miarę równą. Nie rozumiem po co tu jakieś testy. Ktoś tu najwyraźniej zmarnował 30 lat życia...

  5. zgodzę się tylko z "Z każdego typu się ma jakąś część" ;-)