Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[investing] Something new

:-). Yes, Folmi's enthusiasm is back because he has just discovered his new playground - market investing. Few weeks ago one psycho test proved that my personality suits this activity, so I asked myself why don't give a try. Computer games bored my lately anyway and in addition I've put an interest in investing and generally in passive income time before so it seemed to be a good turning point for starting to do something fo' real.

How-to-get-started sites lead me to Plus500 - free World's Trading Machine, where I could play for a test with virtual money. So I would learn how it all works. Suddenly reading about market becomes very interesting once you've earn your first $ ;) I'm at the very beginning, but what I've learned so far:

> generally, when $ is decreasing, value of materials like gold and silver rises - now, in 2010 we have such a situation. no wonder my first $ was from investing in gold ;D
> American market is correlated almost in 100% with european market, so value of $ affects most stocks
> CFD=Contract For Difference, allows you to buy up to even 100x greater stocks that your actual account is worth. you only need to have a definite minimum provided deposit. so, you can for example buy 150 000 USD having only 45 000 PLN. of course they doesn't become your $, you can pay them out just after reaching those 150 000 USD. nevertheless, it allows to earn greater sums (provided such a great rise would come ;)
> daytrading is risky and even riskier when you're a newbie, fast income is a myth - patience pays off more.

When you read more about it why all this stuff works like it works, it becomes logical and quite obvious - and that's why I like it so much.


  1. Folmi! Wypierdalaj na Wall Street XD

  2. sometimes I'm scared that I will never get bored from video games at all and my destiny is to end my life tied to a computer trying to finally destroy Zerg.

    my boyfriend's dad was also interested in stock exchange but unfortunately he wasted more money than he earned. we discussed it and came to conclusion that if you start playing with money, you should always put a borderline - decide how much money you can invest to avoid loss. that's all I know about stock exchange :D hope it helps somehow :D

  3. jak tam jeny? dają radę? ;)

  4. @Ithilloth - thx, I'd keep that in mind.

    @Thomson - +716zł ;D podniosły się, warto było przeczekać ten chwilowy spadek ;) teraz w górę leci w bawełna i niemieckie indeksy, opłacało się je kupować, będzie zysk. ale w zasadzie, umiejętnie wykorzystując huśtawki, na prawie wszystkim idzie zarobić.