Thursday, June 10, 2010

[gym] Fat burners - ABS vs a6w

ABS and a6w are both exercises sets, which carve abdominal muscles.

ABS is more efficient than a6w, because is more exacting, 'wiser' planned and not so long and monotonous at a time.
Secret of the program isn't only excersise collection, but the way they collaborate which each other: reciprocal influence is grater, than as if excersises were done individually.

Next thing: what marks out ABS from other programs is that it *really* involves the abdomen, not the legs or back.
I did a6w for few months and for me, personally, a6w affects too much the upper parts and thighs and too little the lower parts. Tough, the abdominal muscles grew noticeable, so it's better to do a6w than nothing. Now I need only to burn the fat more in order to uncover them, which is harder.

Among 10 levels of ABS there is a level 0 dedicated to people who never trained abdomen and who are not really up to throw in at the deep end.

Don't believe anyone, especially those shitty tv spots about marvellous fat-burning pills, diets and that some machine or sets would make you a six pack in a few weeks. Key to succes is determination + diet + ABS + some aerobs, or even better: high intensity interval trainings, the real fat killers which I described here.

Interesting fact: investigations proved that adding strenght training to aerobs+diet improved whole fat burning process significantly, by about 40% compared to aerobs+diet without gym.

PS. some say drinking pu-erh tea or green tea before trainings improves fat burning too.


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