Thursday, June 3, 2010

[Morrowind] Mini-review

I used to play Morrowind quite much, but when I returned to the game lately I became quite dissapointed after few hours. However, before I dish out this cRPG I'm going to create a clear statement showing what pleased me and what didn't.

+ essentially complex and original world (but a bit too high-fantasy as for me). it's a pity that realisation wasn't the same
+ guilds, guild-houses
+ interesting, innovative character development: growing skills by training, ability to create own class
+ alchemy, blacksmith, ability to create own items, conjuring
+ magic system: own spells, teleports, jumps, levitation
+ robing houses might be nice ;)
+ easy-moddable engine, lot of fan-made mods (tough many of them are just a crap)

- world empty, dull and uggly graphically. grey, pale coloristic. size of the world doesn't decides about game's success.
- combat system, lack of some special attacks/feats for fighters, limited tactical possibilities (excluding magic)
- somewhat fabulous spell effects
- somewhat artificial animations
- as hell irritating monsters and NPCs
- boring main plot, in fact secondary quests too
- same sountrack goes on and on

Summing up: Morrowind isn't a bad game, has some advantages. But why play it when there are better cRPGs? ;)


  1. Jest jakaś nagroda dla najwierniejszych czytelnikó bloga? XD

  2. Cóż Morrowind - MMORPG dla singli. Można trochę pograć ale na dłuższą metę podstawka nudna... za to dodatki były świetne.

  3. morrowind spell cheats would be good without going to those main sites

  4. I agree, would love some cheats, but on work computer those game sites are "access denied" throw me a bone... please