Thursday, June 3, 2010

[HoMM3] Why I love "Wake of Gods" mod

following :
"Heroes of Might and Magic 3 In the Wake of Gods is a free fan-made expansion to Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death. Making of this add-on began on February 2001 because WoG's creators were disappointed with the map editor that shipped along with the original HoMM III. These fans then began creating their own improvements to the map editor, which gave more flexibility in map making, but it was only when members of the WoG team came up with ERM scripting that WoG slowly began taking shape. The Event Related Model (ERM) gives the mapmaker the capability to change the function and appearance of any standard map object in the game, for example, a chest could be altered to give more gold/experience than usual. More complex scripts can also be written to create completely new objects, or modify or enhance the rules of the game. With improved tools at their disposal, the makers started building a whole new game on the top of the old HoMM III."

+ first thing: all new options are optional = you choose what you like

+ army leaders! my favourite is Astral Spirit (from Conflux but with an appropriate option anyone can hire him), because he can summon elementals and has a power to convince small part of enemy's army to leave the battle and live a peaceful life :D
What more - leaders gain experience and with higher level can acquire mighty powers (15 max), such as ability to shoot, fly or paralyze

+ army also can gain experience. which means new powers, too. for example trained gremlines can put mines on battlefield and centaurs can throw their spears

+ new material: mithril. with this you can improve many buildings on the map (and not only), like your mine to give you more gold

+ 25 new monsters + 8th level creatures, upgraded from 7th level archangels, dragons, etc.

+ new artifacts (some of them you can give to your commander)

+ some heroes, abilities and creatures have been balanced

+ new combat backgrounds

+ fishing in well enabled. risky, but sometimes very profitable :D

+ new buildings. my favourite:
> arcane tower - where you can shuffle your skills
> death chamber - where you can challenge some tough Arch-Lich and his army
> adventure cave - random events inside
> mirror of the home-way - useful when you're far from home ;)

+ lot of tweaks:
> ability to check dwellings' content from the distance
> ability to change towns' and heroes' names
> ability to create custom allies
> ability to choose quick combat when approaching enemy
> ability to leave army and artifacts on the map

+ new campaigns

this is only a little part of the new stuff. the list goes on and on...


  1. WoG jest rzeczywiście zajebisty. Ruskom należy się duży szacunek, że go zrobili.
    Tak czy siak, czekam na kolejne dodatki, od dawna zapowiadane. Nowe miasta :D

  2. A ja czekam na polskie VCMI, które niedawno znowu ruszyło pełną parą.

    Z modami typu nowa wersja WoG (3.59), czy Horn of the Abyss jest jeden poważny problem - wszystko jest zrobione tylko nie wiadomo jak do cholery dodać to miasto do gry żeby się nie wywracała.

    VCMI to napisanie gry od nowa. Ściągnij sobie istniejącą wersję - jest praktycznie grywalna - zostało do zaimplementowania dosłownie kilka budynków oraz funkcjonalności WoG.
    Później będzie dostępny cały mechanizm zarządzania modami (jak w Morrowind) gdzie praktycznie każdy będzie mógł stworzyć miasto. Będzie ciekawie. Naprawdę trzymam za chłopaków kciuki bo szykuje się naprawdę niezłe mięsko.

  3. czy VCMI nie jest czasem tworzone przez polaków? ściągałem i testowałem jakiś czas temu, ale coś się chrzaniło u mnie. może już naprawili

  4. [quote = folmi]czy VCMI nie jest czasem tworzone przez polaków? [/quote]
    A co ja napisałem w 1 paragrafie? Oczywiście, że polskie.

  5. 'polskie vcmi' odczytałem jako polska wersja vcmi

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