Saturday, June 5, 2010

[IwD2] Who's the mastah?

Looking for the strongest items in the game, I was inspired to think who might be the greatest munchkin in Icewind Dale 2. Talking about HoF mode, solo.

At first, I thought it'd be a 'clean' sorcerer, but I've made few experiments with class combinations and singled out my new munchkin winner:

1lv Paladin - for Cera Sumat (strongest weapon in game), saving throws from Charisma
4lv Fighter - for Dwarven Ogre (belt, str +6), hit points, feats, specialization
25lv Sorcerer

Race - Drow, of course

str 15 [21]
dex 20 [25]
con 16
int 6
wis 4 [8]
cha 26 [30]
(value in brackets - stats with eq)

Spellcraft - 13 (for Spirit of Flame feat)
Concentration - 18

Spell focus, Enchantment 2x (for Mass Dominate)
Spell focus, Necromancy 2x
Spirit of Flame
Combat Casting
Subvocal Casting
Two-Weapon Fighting (for 2 hammers)
Dirty Fighting
Improved Critical

Helmet: Great White Wyrm's Maw [AC +1]
Armor: Chain of Drakkas' Fury [AC +1, attack +3]
Gauntlets: Brazen Bands [AC +5]
Ring 1: High Tyrannar's Band [wis +4, cha +4]
Ring 2: Aramite Cult Leader Ring [AC +3, magic res +2]
Amulet: Jaheira's Harper Pin [throws +5, Shield, Non-detection]
Belt: Dwarven Ogre [str +6]
Boots: Chimandrae's Warded Slippers [dex +5, magic res +2, Freedom of Movement]
Weapon 1: Cera Sumat
Weapon 2: Xvim's Brutal Impact [+5, +critical chance] + The Dire-Hammer Valorfoe [+3, Target will flee in fear (save vs Will)]
Cloak: Blessed Farmer's Cloak [AC +3]

Now how to fight
1. Lure big amount of enemies.
2. Cast Mass Dominate.
3. Offensive Spells: Wail of Banshee (doesn't affect allies), Horrid Wilting (affects allies and caster so careful with that), Finger of Death, etc.
Use hammers for trolls, golems, etc.

Use buffs
> Stone skin
> Mirror Images
> Improved Invisibility
> Haste
> Emotions: Hope
> Aegis
> Iron Body > Tenser's Transformation - only in necessity, casting any spells after Iron Body is hard but once you succeed you're becoming almost immortal:
physical damage resistance + magic resistance 40-50 + about 100 HP from Tenser's Transformation which gives overall about 330 HP.

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