Thursday, June 10, 2010

[food] Brain boost

Functioning of brain can be improved by eating:

> 5 times a day (instead of 3 or less). Results higher insuline level (better glucose absorption) and lower cortisole level (hormone of stress)

> "Protein-meals" instead of "carbohydrates-meals", because they deliver greater intellectual efficiency and for a longer term than products with a big amount of carbohydrates. Probably because tryptofan amino acid isn't being pushed out.

> sources of lecithin. one of her components - choline - stimulates nervous system and intensifies ability to memorize.
soy, wheat germ, linseed, peanuts (walnuts are best because of their proteins and omega 3)

> chocolate, cocoa

> Ginkgo Biloba - better than coffee

> drinking big amount of water also improves brain functioning

Decisive factors
Mind efficiency: DHA (is included in Omega 3), phospholipides, vit.C, vit.B,

Memory: choline, vit.B5, Pyroglutamate (is in fruits and vegetables)

Stress: inozytol, magnesium, vit.B6, calcium, vit.D3,

Mood: Omega 3, zink, B6

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  1. Folmi ja widzę, żeś ty dietetykę ukończył :D