Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[games] MMOs I recommend

Correct, the list is empty. However I can type a few of which I played most and what I didn't liked about them.

Tibia - shame to say, I know. But it was in junior high. Wasted quite much time on this game. Had above 10 chars, every vocation, every type of world, but highest lv only: 20. Sins:
- people. game is popular and not so very complicated so is full of punks
- overfilled servers = overfilled exp-places
- you have to be a real no-life to achieve something in this game and to have fun playing it
- short lag can cause death
- death consequences (loss of: 1-2 lvls, 1-2 lvls in every skill, one item of your EQ and backpack, AFAIR)


My Fantasy - in 1st version I was in top20, had above 80lv, in 2nd: something like 60lv. nice game, beside Margonem has the best engine of polish browser-based games, IMO. but nowadays becomes dangerously similar to Tibia. Originality isn't its best site too.

Albion - being a taoist cleric had a great climate. but it's rather a merchant game, than typical adventuring. What I disliked was slow server and that game ends when you grow too old - what means you have a duty (!) to buy some premium points in order to get younger and not die.

OGame - no. getting up at 3 AM to control the situation on the planet was just enough for me

Bitefight - self-made bot led me to top 40 in few days :d no wonder I got bored after 1 week

Darkthrone - reached 50lv, boring game in general, as above. there must be something more in game than only achieving greater lvl.

Rest of the games I've played too short to comment them. What can mean they simply don't deserve my words ;)

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